Who can be a Plates Chef and how to get started

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Plates is an app that connects local artisan food creators with passionate food lovers. If you are the one creating, you would use the Chef Plates App. If you are the one discovering what your neighborhood has to offer to your taste buds you would use the Diner Plates App. 

So you want to know if you qualify to be a Plates chef? While the industry defines a Chef as someone with a culinary degree and years of experience for Plates, a chef is simply someone who cooks, bakes, and makes good food. It is someone who loves cooking from scratch, and surprising their friends, family or customers with their food creations. They are excited to share their old or new recipes with the world. 

At Plates, a food creator can be a home cook, a baker, a farmer, a bee keeper or even a fisherman; options are limitless. Our main goal is to introduce fresh homemade goods to those who crave them while bringing communities closer together. It has never been easier to buy take out food on the way home from work, get it delivered to our doorstep in record time or warm a meal you did not make in 30 seconds in a microwave. But don’t you miss fresh foods or crave nutritious tasty foods? We want people to access and consume more of these foods cooked by passionate Chefs. We want food to be created, shared and enjoyed within the local community. Just imagine that you could buy a mixed berry jam jar from your neighbor three houses down the street? It would flavor your morning toast and maybe introduce you to a new friend in the process. That is what Plates is all about.

The process to join as a Chef is easy. It can be done in a few minutes. All you have to do is download the App, sign up, set up a quick call with one of our team members. You can start posting as soon as you are approved, often on the same day. The Chef App is designed for those who might not have a large following. Once you post a meal, you can share via text, email or copy the link to send out to friends and family. That is a great way to start or boost your business. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools so cook up a storm for those you love and that will be shared around! Before you know it, you will have friends asking when you are posting your next meal or food.

Our  platform is perfect even if you do not have a full business and do not really know where to start to sell your food. We are here to help with the App. We have created useful and easy to use templates (email marketing, social messages and more) to use for all of your business needs. We want to help you grow your business and provide all the ingredients you need to succeed. Never be shy, always ask questions and we’ll find solutions.

Joining the movement will grow your business, connect your community, reduce waste and promote healthy eating. If your values align with the above, shoot us an email! Can’t wait to connect with you and see what you will cook up! [email protected] and please follow us @joinplates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

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