How to Write the Perfect Email Announcing your
Partnership with Plates

Easy to follow recommendations for letting your friends, family, and customers know why you’ve decided to use Plates and how they to can Join the Movement!

In addition to the following recommendations, we have attached two email samples below to make things easier for you.

Give thanks & share what’s next:

Good etiquette never goes out of style! You are likely at this juncture as a result of the support and encouragement from your family, friends, and customers – a heartfelt thanks is the right thing to do and it reminds them of the journey you’ve shared together. Next, let them know about your exciting decision to partner with Plates. Provide a brief introduction to Plates as a platform that “connects cooks dedicated to healthy, slow-cooked, small-batch food with diners interested in the same priorities”. It is important to illustrate how this aligns with your own priorities so they understand your decision and continue to feel involved in this journey with you. You might also highlight the unique dining options Plates provides via delivery, pick up, or dine-in and how this supports your goals.

Tell them how to find you on Plates:

The second section should be very straight-forward and instructional. You want to be sure they know how to find the app and find your food on it! Provide links to the app on both Apple App Store and Android Google Play and instruct them to search for “Diner’s Plates”. Remind them what town to search for your food in and what name you’ll be using to list your food. Don’t forget to tell them which days you will be posting your meal options so that they can check out the options that day.

  • Apple App Store URL:
  • Android Google Play URL:

Share the mission, build the marketplace:

Close-out your message by sharing a little more about the Plates mission. This background will help them trust the platform which will make them more open and comfortable in using it and sharing it with others. Consider something like:

“Plates is a brand-new start-up, with a mission to connect local artisan cooks with passionate food lovers around the world as a way to heal our bodies and our communities. You know I share this mission and I am asking you to join the movement as well. This is the early-adoption phase so as you interact with the app, you’ll receive surveys and communications asking for feedback on your experience, or ways to improve, or even if you know others who might be interested in becoming a cook or diner on the platform. Please share!  Let’s work together to make this successful.”

Be sure to provide links to the Plates website, blog/newsletter subscription and ask them to follow you and Plates on social media.

Tactical tips:

Now that you have an idea about the body of your announcement email, we wanted to go one step further and help you with the technical aspects of sending an email like this, whether you are emailing from your personal email or via a marketing platform.

  • Emailing from your personal email account (yahoo, google, live, hotmail, etc.):
    • Be sure to send the email to yourself then add all your contacts to the BCC line so you don’t accidentally expose private email addresses to everyone
    • Send a test email just to yourself to look for formatting issues particularly in the hyperlinks
    • Try to hyperlink text instead of paste full URLs
    • Test all the hyperlinks to be sure they work
  • Emailing from an email marketing platform (MailChimp, ConstantContact, Emma, etc.)
    • Follow all standard rules of email marketing best practices as outlined by your marketing platform
    • If you would like to insert Plates logos or images, please use the files available for download and do not stretch or skew the dimensions