Community Trust

Before we can have an effective movement to change the way we eat, cook, and source food, we must establish a community that values safety first. Plates exists largely to encourage people to interact with each other out of acceptance, respect, and genuine civility. Every Plates meal we deliver should be the reason why our Chefs and Diners will continue to be part of our movement and bring along their friends.

Your Plates experiences should be moments of joy, ways for you to feel like a part of a new, authentic, and healthy food adventure.

Because of this, we are building a trust-based community. This requires honesty and integrity by all people who decide to join Plates. If you don’t feel that our vision and ethics meet yours, we understand and accept your position. We created Plates to change the world for the better and look forward to doing this together with people who share the same ambition and values.

Like all reputable, peer-to-peer social platform, we want to ensure the following:

Trust in Peer

As we grow our user base, we want to ensure that our marketplace remains a safe place to share food experiences. We will perform a thorough risk assessment of our Chefs as it pertains to safety, security, and regulatory requirements. Where possible, we’ll also conduct background checks for Chefs and Diners, and encourage social logins, which provide an additional layer of security. We use well-recognized, independent third-party solutions to verify and check our users.

Unfortunately, there is no solution that can completely prevent misbehaviour on any platform, but we will constantly employ different strategies and tools to secure the integrity of our marketplace.


Our Chefs are vetted by our Chef Advocacy team before they are granted credentials to run their food business within our marketplace. Our team schedules face-to-face conversations with all Chefs on our platform before they are granted the right to sell their offerings on Plates. We also seek references from other Chefs whenever possible. Our Chef Advocacy team is constantly engaging with our Chefs through blogs, emails, chats and periodic workshops.

In addition, reputation is a great crowd-sourced way to generate trust on your platform. It is a primary tool to demonstrate reliability and integrity of a user. Our Diners will show their satisfaction through ratings and user reviews. Ultimately, we want to make sure that all our Chefs can provide unique and consistent dining experiences to customers across Plates. We expect that happy and satisfied Diners will dine again with our Chefs and start Plating their way around different food experiences as they travel the world!

Secure payments

Our secure platform ensures your money gets to the Chef. That is why we ask you to always pay through Plates and never wire money or pay someone directly. Our secure Stripe payment capability ensures full and complete protection for Diners and Chefs. It also provides Chefs with  access to live reporting capabilities, so they can automatically track their businesses.

Account protection

We take a number of measures to safeguard your Plates account, including requiring multi-factor authentication when a login is attempted from a new phone and sending account alerts to you when changes are made.

Scam prevention

We request that you always pay and communicate directly through the Plates website or app. As long as you stay on Plates throughout the entire process, from booking  to payment, you are protected by the Plates team.

Policy and Terms

Our Policy and Terms are easily available on our app and website. We ask everybody who joins our community to accept and obey our policies. In this way, we aim to safeguard the integrity of the marketplace and our users’ piece of mind.

Plates’ team availability

Our Plates Support Team is available 24/7 to answer questions and report issues across the globe. We will always be there for our Chefs and Diners to help deliver healthy experiences – one Plate at a time!